What is Anki?

Anki is one of the most popular programs out there for creating flashcards. You can find out more about Anki and download the software at apps.ankiweb.net.

Isn't it better to make the flashcards manually?

Sometimes people recommend making your flashcards manually as it can help you to remember things better, but in the case of Japanese I found that as my kanji knowledge grew I was spending a ton of time re-making the cards to include the new characters. Hopefully this can save you some time too!

Have you considered offering languages other than Japanese-English?

The software for this site was written to make it easy to add new content, but I only plan to add Japanese here for now.

Can you add the vocab/kanji list from source X?

I'd be happy to add new lists onto the site, but typing up the lists in the right format can be a bit tedious so it might take a while. If you'd like to help out with this part of the process, please send me an email!

Can I help?

Share the word! This project is all about helping Japanese language learners, so the more people that can use it the better.

If you've got time on your hands, I could also use help with the creation of the vocab lists for new sources - it's not difficult, it's just takes a bit of time. Adding Kanji lists is also very easy. Please send me an email and I'll fill you in on the details.

The last way you can help is by donating. I hate to bring money into this, and this site will always be free, but the webservers that are creating the decks do cost money to run.

I have an idea for a new feature!

Great, I'd love to hear it! I can't promise that I'll implement everything (and I don't want the site to become complicated to use), but I'm always happy to hear from the people using my sites and I prmise I'll consider any suggestions.

Will you make ankigen open-source?

Hopefully, once all of the features are implemented and I get the chance to clean up the code a bit. :)

I'm having a problem!

Take a look at the guide on the howto page to see if that answers your question. If not, then feel free to shoot me an email at vadsamoht@vadsamoht.com explaining the problem and I'll see if I can help!